Fluid Service

Fluid Service is a leading company in the supply of assistance services for the injection moulding industry in the national market.

Thanks to the deep experience gained, Fluid Service offers qualified support and assistance to the customer, combining commitment and constant innovation, in order to guarantee effective, reliable and cutting-edge solutions.

Experience and professionalism

The competence of our technicians sets us apart. The passion and seriousness with which we dedicate ourselves to the service of the customer characterize our daily commitment.

Flexibility and project management

Our methodical and organized approach is strategic in order to guarantee personalized assistance to meet every specific customer request.

Efficiency and promptness

Rapid intervention is an essential aspect for us to guarantee to the customer. We provide effective solutions in rapid times supported by a large spare parts warehouse.

Innovation and progress

The continuous improvement of the equipment used, the progressive achievement of ISO certifications and the constant updating of technical knowledge define our corporate culture.

Technical assistance and supply of spare parts

We provide specialized technical assistance and ensure prompt intervention thanks to the availability of a large spare parts department.

Sale of used machines

We deal with the buying and selling of used presses, offering a wide selection of used presses and total retrofits in stock.

Machines revisions and retrofits

We carry out total revisions and retrofits aimed at guaranteeing functionality and updated technologies in compliance with current safety regulations. We also refurbish machinery on request, bringing them back to “new machine” conditions.

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